1. AI Brings the Cast of 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' to Life

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in 2023. In this computer animated adaptation of the beloved...

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  2. Merchandise Sales: The Top Five Brands Of 2022

    It’s coming to the time of year when the air gets a little more magical. We’re getting into the festive spirit here at Merchoid HQ and are feeling nostalgic for the year that has passed. So we’ve compiled our round up of the top five brands that customers have been raving about throughout 2022. Can you guess which is top of the list?...

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  3. Who Would Win? Fantasy Armies Edition

    With The Rings of Power and House of the Dragon both battling for our attention right now, we got thinking: in a real-life battle between the Lord of the Rings armies and the Game of Thrones armies, who would win? And, since The Wheel of Time season 2 is set to hit screens in the very near future, what would happen if we threw their armies into the battle too?

    While we can’t know the exact number of fighters in every fantasy army, here’s a look at the approximate figures we can get from the complete Game of Thrones timeline, Lord of the Rings’ War of the Ring and The Wheel of Time’s The Last Battle, for the five strongest armies in each franchise. For good measure, we’ve also looked at which individual army would win if the strongest from every group went head-to-head...

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