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Game of Thrones Merchandise and Gifts

Game of Thrones Merchandise and Gifts
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Game of Thrones Merchandise

We’ve searched from The Wall to Dorne and from Lannisport to The Grey Waste to bring you the best Game of Thrones merchandise in The Known World.

Call your banners!

You don’t need to be Azor Ahai reborn to protect the realm from another Long Night, and now you can even avoid the risk of frostbite while you save the Seven Kingdoms and beyond from darkness. Our range of Game of Thrones merchandise includes a beautifully detailed collector’s chess set where you can take on the roles of the King in the North Jon Snow and Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen to do battle against the Night King and his White Walkers. Now that’s what we call a Clash of Kings! Even the Lannister brothers are on your side as they join Brienne of Tarth, Tormund Giantsbane, and a host of Unsullied to defend Westeros from the army of the undead. Even the terrifying wight Giants won’t be a match for the side of the living with Drogon and Rhaegal on your team. We wish you good fortune in the war to come.

Homeware accessories for your Castle

If chess isn’t your thing, why not recline on one of our plush house sigil cushions and play a game of Cyvasse instead. Not only can you relax in the company of your favourite of the major players; House Stark or House Targaryen, but many other sigils of the Noble houses of Westeros are included on the rear design. Who would you choose to be your liege lord? Swear your sword to the Tyrells, Greyjoys, Mormonts, Lannisters, Martells, the Baratheons of King’s Landing or the Baratheons of Dragonstone and prepare to get comfortable. Game of Thrones gifts don’t get better than this!


Officially licensed and exclusive to Merchoid, pledge your allegiance to the Starks or Targaryens and be the envy of the realm, from the Lands of Always Winter, all the way to the Summer Sea. We have the best Game of Thrones clothing this side of The Wall

Winter is Coming

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf is going to need something really special to fend off the cold. Our exclusive Game of Thrones Christmas sweaters are the perfect choice for keeping warm throughout both the long night, and the festive season.

Traditional snowflakes combine with some iconic symbols, eponymous with the Starks, to decorate our stylish House Stark Christmas sweater. It’s sure to break the ice at any Christmas get together. The bold House Stark sigil isn’t the only Direwolf you’ll find in this detailed design, we’ve even hidden them amongst the ethereal Weirwood trees. A little bird (alright, it was a massive raven) told us that these are so toasty, the brothers of the Night’s Watch have been known to wear them in secret under their famous black cloaks!

Stuck for something to wear on those days when your chainmail is at the drycleaners? Look no further than our premium Stark jacket. Nothing like that stiff and uncomfortable boiled leather they’re always wearing at Winterfell, this jacket is made with a luxurious and supple faux leather, fit for any King (or Queen) in the North. Our high quality design is decorated with intricate embroidery on the front and back, and complimented by an elegant faux fur collar that’s even softer than a Direwolf puppy.

Fire cannot kill a Dragon…

But it’s not really the safest option when it comes to keeping warm. Unleash your inner Targaryen and Dracarys away that icy chill without the risk of scorching your Christmas tree, in our exclusive House Targaryen Christmas sweater. It has more dragons than you can shake a Valyrian steel blade at, stylised dragon scales across the shoulders, and some very familiar looking dragon eggs decorating the sleeves. You’ll be hotter than wildfire in no time with our Game of Thrones merch.

The Targaryens have always looked great in black and red, and now you can too. Our premium Targaryen jacket, with its sophisticated embroidery and appliquéd decoration, will stand out in a crowd even more than a three-headed dragon. Speaking of three-headed dragons, the infamous Targaryen sigil is boldly featured on the front and back of this high end design, and in true Targaryen style, the sleeves are adorned with dragon scales. Thankfully these scales are only made from high quality faux leather, not real dragon skin as nobody wants to be on the receiving end of the wrath of the Dragon Queen.

Our Game of Thrones merchandise will make any fan happy.

High Quality Merchandise

We at Merchoid pride ourselves on offering only the best quality items for you. All of our Game of Thrones merchandise is fully licenced and either made exclusively for us, or hand selected by our team. We offer free shipping to most countries. If you have a question or need some help, our friendly customer service team is only a click away. Just visit our helpdesk below.

Did you know? If you’re not 100% happy with your Game of Thrones merchandise, we give you a whopping 100 day return period for most items.

So, shall we begin?