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Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise

There’s no need to go to a galaxy far, far away to find top quality Star Wars merchandise, it’s available here and now at Merchoid.

This is the Star Wars clothing you’re looking for…

Every Jedi and Sith can celebrate Life Day in style with one of our fabulous Christmas sweaters. We have a wide range of designs, featuring R2D2, X-wings, the Death Star, Baby Yoda, the Millennium Falcon, Imperial AT-ATs and more! Enjoy the antics of your favourite flyboys in comfort with our Star Wars Merchandise. Throw on your Star Wars Jedi Outfit bathrobe, step into your Porg slippers, grab your Kylo Ren 3D mug of cocoa, use The Force to dim the lights and snuggle up to your comfy Chewbacca cushion as you watch Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo battle Darth Vader and the evil Galactic Empire.

Have you ever wondered what a Wookie really smells like? Well with our selection of Star Wars candles you can experience the fragrant bouquet from inside the X-wing Cockpit, enjoy the perfume of Jabba the Hutt and his palace, or revel in the aroma of a Tauntaun. Is the dark side clouding your vision? Not for long, with our Star Wars desk lamps! Check out our iconic Star Wars Millennium Falcon desk lamp, or the fantastic TIE fighter desk lamp. Dropped phones lead to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side, so keep your phone or console controller safe with our Star Wars Cable Guy.

Join the Darkside!

Now you can turn your home into an Imperial base with our selection of Stormtrooper merchandise. Bring home your own plastic soldiers (well… resin) with our range of Stormtrooper figurines. Become a classy Bucket Head and pour yourself a nice glass of Bantha milk with our Stormtrooper Decanter and matching Stormtrooper glass. But that's not all, we have a wide selection of Star Wars merchandise to tempt anyone to the dark side. Our Limited Edition Star Wars Ingots make a great gift, featuring Darth Vader, the Death Star, Han Solo in Carbonite and the Battle of Hoth. You can even become Lord Vader himself with our Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet. This collector grade quality helmet includes magnetic connectors for ease of use and the iconic Vader breathing sound effects.

This is the way…

There’s no disputing that nothing in the Star Wars universe is cuter than Baby Yoda. We have spoken! If you want to get some Grogu in your life, now you can with our Mandalorian merch! You can protect the child by picking up one of our Grogu figures or cuddling up to one of our Baby Yoda plush toys. Why not check out our line of Mandalorian handbags, purses and backpacks. Where you go, he goes. Want to be kitted out with more gadgets than IG-11? Our Mandalorian gadgets make a fantastic addition to any Star Wars merch collection. We have everything you need, from a Mando Airpods case to a Baby Yoda light, and even a Grogu dancing speaker.

High Quality Merchandise

We at Merchoid pride ourselves on only offering the best quality items for you. All of our Star Wars Merchandise is fully licenced and either made exclusively for us, or hand selected by our team. We offer free shipping for most countries. If you have a question or need some help, our friendly customer service team is only a click away. Just visit our helpdesk below.

Did you know? If you are not 100% happy with your Star Wars Merchandise we give you a whopping 100 day return period for most items.

May The Force Be With You