Star Wars Christmas Jumpers

These are the Star Wars Christmas jumpers you are looking for! From The Resistance to The First Order, Darth Vader, Yoda, and everything in between, our Star Wars Holiday Jumpers are here to help you spread some Christmas cheer to all corners of the galaxy!

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Got Questions About Star Wars Ugly Christmas Jumpers?

Merchoid have scoured the galaxy far and wide (including Jakku, despite the fact that nobody wants to go back to Jakku) to bring you the best Star Wars Ugly Christmas Jumpers for this coming festive season.

Are these jumpers for men?

Of course. Here at Merchoid, we like to think if you can wear a jumper and like Star Wars then these Star Wars Christmas jumpers are perfect for you. It’s then just a matter of choosing if you’re a Jedi or a Sith… or neither! (We see you, scavengers and smugglers!) We’ve got jumpers to cover just about every allegiance in the galaxy!

Are these jumpers for women?

Definitely. After all, a woman's place is in the Resistance… or leading a Stormtrooper squadron… or being a bounty hunter… or ruling the Empire… we could go on and on. But if you can wear a jumper and like Star Wars, then you’ve come to the right place!

Are these for kids?

Whilst we currently don’t stock kids sizes, an XS may fit an older child. Unfortunately the Ewoks weren’t too keen to check this theory for us, so each jumper has a size guide included for you to check your measurements prior to purchase.

What sizes do you stock?

We’ve got sizes to cover Droids, Wookies and everything in between! (In earth sizes, that means our sizes start at XS and go through to XXXL). Each jumper contains a handy size guide so you check which size is right for you (or the droid in your life) before ordering!

What materials are they made from?

All our Star Wars Jumpers are made from 100% acrylic fabrics. We find they provide essential warmth when celebrating the festive season on Hoth, whilst being kind to the environment! It’s a win - win all round!

Are they suitable for Vegans?

Absolutely. Merchoid are fans of all kinds of creatures, regardless of if they live on our planet or elsewhere in the universe. All our jumpers are created from Vegan materials with this in mind so that everyone can enjoy this season's intergalactic celebrations.

Are they knitted?

All of our Star Wars Christmas jumpers are fully knitted from the finest acrylic fabric, which is so close to Tauntaun wool, even the finest tailors wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! Our team of Ewoks take great care in creating each jumper to ensure you receive their best craftsmanship and take enormous pride in providing high quality knitted jumpers to our customers.

Are they officially licensed?

All our Star Wars Christmas Jumpers are officially licensed and approved by both the First Order and The Resistance! (Not that we’re bragging or anything, but it’s really hard to get approved by both organisations!) Merchoid only deals in 100% authentic merchandise, so you can rest assured that you won’t find any knock offs from the markets of Jakku on our site.

Do you have any other brands of jumpers?

We sure do! What kind of Geek site would we be if we didn’t cover as many geek fandom bases as possible? We’ve created jumpers for fans of Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Disney, Game Of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Warhammer 40K and much more! (You can find these by clicking on the link here)

What Christmas jumper should I wear to the Christmas party?

Well, that depends on your situation... Is your Christmas party on the Death Star? Probably best to go with something that isn’t rebel inspired! Celebrating on the Millennium Falcon? We reckon it’s not ideal to wear a jumper with that Sith Lord, Darth Vader on it. See what we’re getting at here? We’ve got Star Wars Christmas Jumpers that’ll cover every allegiance so you can be prepared for any situation, from impressing your boss, overthrowing the accounting department or attracting the attention of your fellow Star Wars fans from far across the different departments!

Where can I share photos of myself wearing the jumpers?

So you’ve got your new jumper and are looking better than a Mando in their finest Beskar armour! We’re not surprised you want to show off your new threads. We think Instagram and Twitter are the best places to do this. Don’t forget to tag us! We’re @Merchoid on both. We love seeing pictures of you guys rocking our jumpers, plus there’s a chance we may feature you on our socials!

Can I buy these Christmas jumpers in shops?

Unfortunately, our jumpers can’t be found in physical stores. These Star Wars Christmas Jumpers have been crafted by our army of Ewoks exclusively for Merchoid. The only place you’ll be able to pick these up is through our website, merchoid.com. Don’t forget, Merchoid offers free shipping on all orders, no matter how big or small.

Which is the best Christmas jumper for a fan of Star Wars?

Can we say all of them? We couldn’t possibly choose! Plus, without knowing you personally, we couldn’t rightly advise what’s best for you either. What if you were a Mandalorian foundling and we recommended you a Darth Vader jumper? Or a Sith Trooper in training and we thought our Millennium Falcon design would be ideal? You’d definitely think less of us! All our Star Wars Christmas Jumpers have been designed by fans, for fans, so we’re sure whatever you decide will be the right one.

What reaction will I get wearing one of these Christmas jumpers?

You should receive gasps of awe, adoration and amazement! There’s a small chance that you’ll be invited to a Royal Award Ceremony on Yavin 4, to honour your contribution of Style and Sophistication to the Empire, but we didn’t tell you that. You’ll turn heads wherever you go as your fellow citizens admire your dedication to festive knitwear during the most wonderful time of the year!

In all seriousness, our Star Wars Christmas jumpers have been known to gain approval from friends down the pub during Christmas drinks, relatives both distant and close at family festive gatherings, and they work as conversation starters at the Office Christmas party with coworkers that you only know otherwise from trips to the office kitchen and that one team building day last year. In addition to that, you’ll be the best dressed person in the room!

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