Post-Apocalyptic Fashion: Fallout 4: Vault 111 Sole Survivor Hoodie

Emerge from your bunker in style with Merchoid’s officially licensed Fallout 4 Vault 111 Sole Survivor Hoodie. Inspired by the in-game uniform, the Fallout hoodie features the striking blue vault uniform fabric and familiar yellow “111” icon on the front and back.

The sleeves, stamped with the Vault-Tec quality seal of approval, have reinforced patches to protect you as you clamber across the rough terrain of a battle-scarred earth.

The hoodie has two ample sized front pockets to stash much needed tech and a long zip fastening to ward off the battering winds of a harsh climate.

The hoodie also features an inbuilt sun visor to ward off harmful rays. However, be warned! It is not guaranteed to protect you from a nuclear fallout!

Available to order right now, ensure you’re prepared for any future eventualities and join the Brotherhood of Style!


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