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Buy official The Witcher 3 T-Shirts at Merchoid

Merchoid is proud to present the official range of Witcher 3 T-Shirts, all available now at Created in conjunction with CD Projekt RED, we’re thrilled to show you this exclusive look at the Merchoid Witcher 3 Collection, all in stock now.

The Witcher 3 Medallion T-Shirt

Geralt’s wolf’s head medallion plays a key role in every Witcher game. Earned as an early reward for any young witcher passing their rites of passage, the medallion also acts as a practical tool for detecting magic and spells. The Witcher 3 Medallion T-Shirt immortalises the latest iteration of the iconic object in a fashionable style.

Witcher 3: Medallion T-Shirt

The Witcher 3 Monster Slayer T-Shirt

Like other witchers in the game, Geralt has been modified to give him supernatural powers to take on giant, dangerous monsters and still survive to tell the tale. The Monster Slayer shirt features a montage of monsters about to be laid waste by the might of Geralt’s sword.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer T-Shirt

The Witcher 3 Silver Sword T-Shirt

This T-Shirt captures the twin elements of a witcher’s strongest arsenal: the single handed sword and the symbols of the magical signs, which can be cast with the spare hand. The magical symbols on the shirt are Yrden (magical trap), Quen (shield), Igni (flames) , Axii (charm) and Aard (telekenisis).

Witcher 3: Silver Sword T-Shirt

The game, released on May 19th 2015, is a hardcore action-RPG featuring Geralt as a young Witcher, set in a vast and detailed open-world environment based on the Polish fantasy novels of the same name. It’s been collecting 10/10s from reviewers faster than Geralt harvests wolf pelts, and we’re pleased to say that the outstanding level of quality has carried over onto the official T-Shirts.

Buy official The Witcher 3 T-Shirts at Merchoid

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