The Lord of the Rings Gift Guide (Updated April 2020)


The best gift guide for fans of Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and all of Middle Earth

One of the most popular franchises of all time. J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of the Rings and prequel, The Hobbit, have helped millions of readers worldwide fall in love with Hobbiton, Mordor, Rivendell and its residents. Thanks to Peter Jackson’s big screen interpretations, it’s characters are instantly recognisable to fans from all walks of life. After all, one simply does not walk to Mordor.

Merchoid are pleased to present the finest Lord Of The Rings gifts you’ll find online, having scoured The Shire so you don’t have to! We’ve listed our Lord Of The Rings essentials below, so it should take you substantially quicker than eleven months, one week and six days to find the perfect gift!

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1. Lord Of The Rings: The Lord Of Mordor Heat Changing Mug

Pour water to reveal the Eye Of Sauron and the final words of the infamous 'One Ring' quote
  • Celebrate the Chief Lieutenant of the First Dark Lord, Morgoth.
  • Depicting the sinister shape of Sauron when cold, the mug reveals the iconic Eye of Sauron when filled with a hot drink.
  • Use this mug to pledge your allegiance to the Lord of Mordor, because we’re not very keen to make him angry.


Allign yourself with Lord Sauron here


2. Lord Of The Rings: One Map Top Guide Them All XL Heat Change Mug

xl map mug

No need for magic to reveal the way to Middle Earth
  • Outside features the sacred Elvish text as engraved on the One Ring, but you won't need to utter those famous words to uncover this mugs true secrets.
  • Add hot water to reveal a map of Middle Earth
  • As the mug cools, it's secrets are hidden once more


Contemplate your destiny during your coffee break here


3. Lord Of The Rings: 'There And Back Again' A5 Notebook

bilbo notebook 1

Make note of your own adventures for future generations
  • Taking inspiration from one of the most imagniative stories ever told, the front cover features the words 'There And Back Again, A Hobbits Tale by Bilbo Baggins'
  • Gold-gilded pages, beautiful map artwork and embossed detailing make this notebook a worthy gift for the most Noble Elves in Middle Earth
  • Essential for capturing any Lord Of The Rings fan's ow adventures!


Begin your own tale here


4. Lord Of The Rings: One Of The Regulars Prancing Pony Tankard

prancing pony tank


The hardest question now is, whats your drink of choice?
  • Usually only seen in the town of Bree, at its most famous inn, the Prancing Pony
  • Designed to look like one of the tankards that you would expect to find the locals and regulars drinking from
  • Stonewear mug with metal applique Prancing Pony logo will make both Hobbits and Men alike feel right at home


Get your Bree souvenirs here


6. Lord Of The Rings: Two For The Road Glass Set

two for the road glasses

An ideal keepsake for any Lord Of The Rings fan
  • Hydrate your Hobbit friends and prepare for that walk to Mordor with this glass set
  • Each glass details a beautiful, individual wrap around design
  • Accented with gold foil for a sophisticated edge


Grab your hydrating essentials here








7. Lord Of The Rings: A Window Into Nothing Heat Change Mug

window mug

The Eye Of Sauron: The ultimate nosy neighbour.


  • Sauron is always watching and this heat change tankard cements this fact
  • Sauron's infamous eye appears when filled with hot water
  • Like to be reminded of the Lord Of Mordor's omnipresence every time you have a brew? We've got you covered!



Be reminded of your dark leader here


8. Lord Of The Rings: 'The Journey Doen't End Here' Glass Set - Set of 6

Throwing a party in The Shire? You'll need these
  • Beautifully displayed glass set, depicting artwork from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy
  • Artwork includes the infamous 'One Ring' quote
  • Each glass is finished to the highest standard with gold detailing

A worthy addition to your collection can be found here


9. Lord Of The Rings: 'My Preciousss' Mug

gollum mug

This one isn't for 'filthy Hobbitses'


  • Are you more Gollum than Smegal before your first cup of coffee in the morning?
  • Stonewear cappuccino mug with gold detailing may remind you of your lust for the One Ring
  • Holds enough coffee to fire you up for your next adventure, or your next trip to the grocery store!

Hunt for the One Cup here


10. Lord Of The Rings: Pub Crawl Coaster Set

lotr coasters

Tell 'em where you've been by giving them a coaster
  • Add the finishing touches to an Inn of your own!
  • Detailing two of the most famous inns in the trilogy, The Green Dragon of The Shire and the Prancing Pony of Bree
  • Each ceramic coaster is cork backed to ensure durability during the most spirited of drinking sessions

Add your finishing touches, Middle Earth style, here


11. Lord Of The Rings: Breakfast/Second Breakfast Bowl

breakfast bowl

One bowl to serve them all
  • Worry no longer about Second Breakfast with this delightful stonewear bowl
  • Designed with the One Ring in mind, with debossed detailing of Elven script circling the outer surface
  • Perfect for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!

Prepare for all your meals here


12. Lord Of The Rings: 'My Preciousss' Accessory Dish

Now you've got it, you should really keep track of the One Ring
  • Essential storage for the One Ring, now you've managed to get it away from those filthy, thieving Hobbitses!
  • Can also be used to store other essential items
  • Elven detailing in a shimmering gold foil will help remind you of your preciousss


Store your preciousss effectively here


We hope you've managed to fiond the perfect gift in this guide. We'll continue to trawl Middle Earth to find the best Lord Of the Rings items and bring them right here to you, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.


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