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Start your day off with a block and a brew! Our geeky mugs feature all your favorite Minecraft characters, so you can sip on your morning coffee while dreaming of building your next pixelated palace. All you have to do is choose between a Durable Pickaxe mug or one from the Creeper stack!


Illuminate your room with our selection of nerdy Minecraft lights. Whether you're a fan of the Creeper or Fox, we've got the perfect lamp for you. And the best part? No more turning on the lights and accidentally spawning a horde of zombies.

Money Boxes

Save up your diamonds in style with our Minecraft money boxes. Perfect for any fan who wants to add a touch of the game to their room, and also a great way to save up for your next purchase on Merchoid!

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What do you get for someone who loves Minecraft?

The perfect gift for the Minecraft fan in your life is a pixelated piggy bank! This piggy bank takes the shape of the iconic Minecraft pig, complete with pixelated eyes and ears. Whether they're saving up for their next Minecraft adventure or just need a place to stash away their coins, this piggy bank will bring a smile to any Minecraft fanatic. Plus, it's a great conversation starter and a reminder of their favorite game every time they look at it. Get your Minecraft fan this piggy bank and watch their eyes light up!