Gaming Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Whether you're attending a Christmas dungeon raid or regening your health with your feet up at home, our warm and comfy Christmas sweaters are just what you need to add a special touch to your Christmas Day.

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Gaming Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Gaming Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are these Christmas sweaters for men?

You know it! These fantastic gaming Christmas sweaters are perfect for everyone from Bowser to Rayman to Gordan Freeman. With our wide range of designs you're sure to find the perfect Christmas sweater to boost your Holiday stats.

Are these sweaters for women?

Nether yeah they’re for Women!!! Gaming has long been home to some of the most iconic and powerful women in media. Some of these fantastic females include Princess Peach, Lara Croft, Kronika, Midna, Samus, Chun-Li, Clementine, Aerith and GLaDOS.  Now you can show your gamer girl pride with one of our fabulous gaming Christmas sweaters! 

Are these sweaters for kids?

Unfortunately the Koopalings have run off with all of our child size Christmas sweaters, so we are not able to offer any child sizes sweaters at this time. However, our smaller sized sweaters may fit bigger children. Be sure to check our size guide, you can find it in the Misc section of your Pit-Boy. 

What sizes do you stock?

Our Christmas sweaters range from sizes XS to XXXL, so whether you're built like Zangief or Isabelle we have the perfect gaming Christmas sweater for you. For more information make sure you check out our handy size guide. You'll find it in the pause menu under items, misc, found documents. 

What materials are they made from?

Originally our Gaming Christmas sweaters were made from Deep Shrooms, Stalker Teeth and Cave Sulfur, but then we found an upgraded crafting recipe. Now we craft our sweaters out of 100% acrylic fabrics, meaning they're much more comfortable and warm. And less wet…… 

Are they suitable for Vegans?

Merchoids gaming Christmas sweaters are perfect for anyone doing a pacifist run. All of our gaming Christmas sweaters are made with friendly Vegan materials, because who doesn't want the good karma ending?

Are they knitted?

All gamers know the difference high quality rendering can make to an experience. That’s why all of our gaming Christmas sweater designs are knitted and not printed. After all, at Merchoid we only offer top tier legendary gear. No clipping through the walls for you this christmas! 

Are they officially licensed?

All of our products are officially licensed and 100% authentic. There's no mods, bots, hacks or even texture packs at Merchoid! Everything we offer is approved by the creator so you know it's the highest quality available. 

Do you have any other brands of jumpers?

We at Merchoid want all of geekkind to have the best possible Christmas experience, so we off a huge range of comfortable, warm and utterly nerdtastic Christmas sweaters. We have Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter, Warhammer 40K and many many more!!!

What Christmas sweater should I wear to the Christmas party?

Our Pac-Man: Ghosts of Christmas Past Christmas Sweater is a fun riff on the Pac-man maze, which has been shaped into a christmas tree. It features Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde chasing Pac-man through the level, which is surrounded by a flurry of snowflakes. 

Where can I share photos of myself wearing the jumpers?

Games have always been a highly social activity, so of course gamers want to share photos of their Merchoid Christmas sweaters! Nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy customer so feel free to tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 

Can I buy these Christmas sweaters in shops?

Unfortunately  our gaming Christmas sweaters are only available exclusively through Merchoid. That or trawl through the loot boxes, but there's only a 0.02% drop rate though. 

What reaction will I get wearing one of these Christmas sweaters?

We have a wide range of designs from retro classics to modern AAA masterpieces. Wearing one of these is bound to increase your rank with all your social links and can trigger a Heart Event for some of your friends (but we won't spoil which ones). After all, what better way to step into christmas than with a resounding “LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOYYY JEEENNNKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSSSSSSZSZS”



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