2016 Geek’s Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah, Christmas…A time for giving, a time for peace and a time for the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater showcase!

Zelda Christmas Sweaters/Jumpers

Comic Book Hero Christmas Sweaters/Jumpers

Is it ever Summertime in Gotham City? What better way to celebrate your love for the perpetually Wintry city than a Batman Christmas Sweater. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ll have something for you no matter who your favourite comic book hero (or villain) is!

Gaming Christmas Sweaters/Jumpers

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…so let’s stay indoors, throw on our favourite gaming Christmas jumper, turn out all the lights and get some serious gaming done. Whether your taste is in retro beat-em-ups, animal husbandry collectathons or AAA post-apocalyptic simulators, we’ve (literally) got you covered.

TV & Movies Christmas Sweater/Jumpers