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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the sofa is so delightful, since you've no place to be, throw on your sweater and watch TV! 

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the sofa is so delightful, since you've no place to be, throw on your sweater and watch TV! 

Your hot chocolate has its topping, and you brought some corn for popping. Since there's no place to be, why not stick on a Christmas movie. 

When you finally dim the lights, after finding the darned remote, end up falling asleep you might, your sweaters so comfy and warm!!

We have Game of thrones, Marvel, DC! Harry Potter, Friends and Disney. Your winter blues are destroyed, in your Christmas sweater from Merchoid! 

Movie and TV Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are these Christmas sweaters for men?

That depends, do you want to be warm, comfy and look fantastic? Heck yeah!!! All of our Merchoid TV and Movie Christmas Sweaters are unisex, because we know everyone from fans of Star Wars to Friends to Disney want to look good while snuggled up in front of the fire this Christmas. 

Are these sweaters for women?

Only if you want to be the absolutely best dressed at your Christmas party! All of our TV and Movie Christmas Sweaters are unisex because here at Merchoid we know everyone loves being comfy, cosy and looking like a total boss, regardles of gender. The only factor that is important, which design goes better with your jeans, Ravenclaw or Stark? 

Are these sweaters for kids?

Here at Merchoid we pride ourselves on catering to your inner child. However, unfortunately when it comes to our Christmas sweaters we are not able to cater to your ACTUAL child. Our Christmas sweaters are currently only available in Adult sizes. However some larger children may fit our size XS or S sweaters. Please consult our size guide for further information. 

What sizes do you stock?

We stock adult sizes from XS to XXXL. Whether you're built like Gwen Stacey or Hodor we're sure you’ll find the right Christmas sweater for you. Not sure which size would fit you best? Why not check out our friendly neighbourhood size chart. 

What materials are they made from?

All of our Movie and TV Christmas sweaters are made out of 100% acrylic fabrics. This means not only are our Christmas sweaters kinder to animals than Phoebe Buffay, they're also environmentally friendly which we know Poison Ivy would appreciate. 

Are they suitable for Vegans?

If you love animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise) then you’ll be happy to hear all of our Movie and TV Christmas sweaters are Vegan friendly. Now you can flaunt your Lion King: Hakuna Holidays Christmas sweater knowing you haven't upset the circle of life. 

Are they knitted?

Here at Merchoid were all about high quality, that's why all of our TV and Movie Christmas sweaters designs are knitted and not printed. That's why we’ve had orders from the Lannisters, Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises. 

Are they officially licensed?

We’ve travelled from Wakanda, to Atlanica, to King’s Landing, to Hogwarts, to a galaxy far far away, just to make sure all of our TV and Movie Christmas sweaters are officially licensed and 100% authentic. If only we had had access to the Floo Network….. 

Do you have any other brands of jumpers?

Here at Merchoid we like to think were the home of everything Geek, so of course we cater to a cornucopia of different fandoms. From Gaming Christmas Sweaters, to Comic Christmas Sweaters, we even offer Mystery Christmas sweaters (if you're feeling lucky). We release new designs all the time, so if you want to stay up to date please be sure to sign up for our Newsletter. 

What Christmas sweater should I wear to the Christmas party?

Why not check out our Jurassic Park: Christmas Uh…Finds A Way Christmas sweater. Not only does it have (in my opinion) the BEST name, but its red and blue colouring and DNA strand & mosquito bows make it fabulously fun and festive without stumbling into the garish. All of our Christmas sweaters are designed to be stylishly eccentric, just because they’re ugly sweaters doesn't mean you can't look good wearing them! 

Where can I share photos of myself wearing the jumpers?

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who look in the mirror while wearing a Merchoid TV and Movie Christmas sweaters and love it so much they want to share pics of it with the world, and those who look into the mirror and see themselves shaking hands with Dumbledore, they’ve won the house cup! If you want to proudly promenade your geeky pride on social media we would love you to tag us! We're on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Every photo you tag us in is worth 5 points for your house!

Can I buy these Christmas sweaters in shops?

Unfortunately, due to interdimensional restrictions set by the Galactic Federation our Christmas sweaters are only available in shops in Dimension 46’\ and Dimension C-4499. Don't worry if your not in one of those dimensions, you can still pick up one of our fabulous Movie & TV Christmas sweaters in our online store. Here not only will you have access to our full range of awesome geeky merch, but also the assistance of our help desk, manned by our friendly customer service team. If you ARE in Dimension C-4499, be sure to check out our range of Plumbus holders! 

What reaction will I get wearing one of these Christmas sweaters?

Our TV And Movie Christmas ugly sweaters are the pinnacle of fabulously bad taste! They're the perfect conversation starter for your next Christmas party, work Christmas sweater day, or just while out and about! Our high quality, fun, unique sweaters are sure to make you the center of any social situation. You know with Merchoid you're getting nothing but the best. Whatever your fandom, we have what you're looking for. Made for geeks, by geeks.






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