Dungeons & Dragons may have endless possibilities for adventure and storytelling. But one of the key components of any D&D campaign is the array of fantastical monsters that heroes must face, from goblins and dragons to demons and undead horrors. However, with a large variety of foes available, fans eagerly awaiting the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves have been scouring the trailers for any glimpse of the dangers our heroes will face.

Thanks to the trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, these are the monsters we know will be appearing so far:

  • Displacer Beast - A large panther with six legs and tentacles with spikes on the end sprouting from their shoulders. Pet at your own risk.
  • Gelatinous Cube - Large, compact ooze that will try and digest you. We do not recommend jumping inside one, despite what is shown in the trailer
  • Black Dragon - A large dragon that can spew acid. It also uses its claws and tail to attack. Best to avoid any areas it inhabits.
  • Giant Spider - There are a large variety of Giant Spiders in D&D Lore, so we’re not sure which one this is. But still, spiders *shudders*
  • OwlBear - Yes, the very OwlBear from #OwlBearGate. Better to have one on your side than to have to face it
  • Stone Golem / Gold Dragon - There’s some debate as to if this is a Stone Golem or a Gold Dragon, but we would assume the former as Gold Dragons are incredibly rare in the Forgotten Realms. Either one will give you trouble though.
  • Mimic - Consider these the Loki of the D&D world. Disguised as something inconspicuous, they will lie in wait for an unsuspecting adventurer before striking. Will either kill you or leave you feeling very sticky.
  • Red Dragon / Themberchaud - Speculation lies that this is the latter, given the scene where the creature is featured. Amongst his many frightening qualities, he also eats humans that the Gnomes of the Underdark sacrifice to him. Game of Thrones wishes it had Dragons as powerful as Themberchaud.

While there are numerous iconic and memorable monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, the most famous D&D monster could arguably be the Mimic. These shape-shifting creatures are notorious for their ability to transform into medium-sized objects, often assuming the form of ornate treasure chests to lure unsuspecting adventurers. The Mimic is considered the bane of the standard adventurer, and its ability to blend seamlessly into its environment has made it a formidable foe for generations of D&D players. We wonder how many Mimics the thieves will encounter during the movie.

Whilst the Mimic may be the most recognisable Monster in D&D and formidable in its own right, the Tarrasque is widely regarded as the deadliest monster in the game. This colossal beast is an embodiment of destruction, capable of inflicting massive damage with its fearsome claws, teeth, and tail. The Tarrasque's thick hide provides it with an almost impenetrable defence, making it challenging to defeat through brute force alone. Additionally, the Tarrasque is known for its ability to regenerate its health rapidly, making it even more difficult to take down.

The Tarrasque's reputation for being an unstoppable force of destruction has made it one of the most feared and respected creatures in the game's universe, so whilst it’s omission from the trailers doesn’t mean it won’t appear in the final movie, it would make sense for the filmmakers to hold something back for any potential sequels.

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