Blog: Spyro Incense Burner, 3D Mug and more new official Spyro merch

Flamin’ heck! Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy is just around the corner and we’re just as fired up as you! It’s been twenty years since the original release of Spyro and we don’t really remember any decent merch from then. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered this time round with our hottest range yet!

Sypro Incense Burner (with real smoke)

Tough day at work? Has your patience been Ripto shreds? The Smoke Signals Incense Burner is the ideal way to soothe a fiery mind. This high quality, fully-working incense burner is perfect to have on the go whilst playing the new game. Unwind with your favourite dragon and watch the smoke pour from his nostrils for a real immersive experience!



Spyro 3D Mug

For those who love their beverages piping hot, the On A Wing And A Prayer 3D Mug is your go-to. Who needs boring, printed mugs when you can scale up and drink from one of these when you’re all toasty on the sofa?

image (7)

Other Spyro Merchandise


Perfect for the collector, the Dragon Your Feet Pin Badge Set is sure to look great next to your collection of orbs. Presented in their own themed packaging, these pin badges look just as good in the box as they do out of it. 


If, like Spyro, you don’t have pockets, it might be ideal to carry your haul of gems in something suited to the job. The WTF (What The Firebreather) Wallet and Gems In The Rough Purse are a great way of showing your love for the game whilst keep your treasure safe.

Show your love for the little guy everywhere you go with the Tip The Scales T-Shirt and Time To Fly Watch. Featuring elements from the lil firebreather himself, these items are far from Gnasty and will complete any outfit.

All of these products are available for preorder now so get ’em while they’re hot!